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Robot World


Robot World aims to be a distributed physical environment inhabited by programmable robots, spanning across countless computers on the internet in true peer-to-peer fashion.

Send your own designs roaming the world, returning home (Your PC) with looted riches!

Design your own or download the hottest designs...


Robot source code samples.

Please visit and sign the guestbook if this project looks interesting, nutty, or just simply annoying.

Robot World components

  • Parser / compiler compiles robot programs into byte code, stored in a .xml file
  • Inject - send a robot program to the world
  • RobotWorld - the world simulation program
  • dsm - the bytecode disassembler
  • rowo.y - language grammar file

What is working?

  • The compiler to bytecode, although the language is not complete
  • The disassembler from bytecode to pseudo assembler
  • Robot injection into robotworld using http PUT

What's left to do?

  • The robotworld simulation program
  • Language specification
  • Object properties
  • Bytecode engine isn't complete
  • A graphical frontend API would be nice


See "What is working" above - this is not a usable project yet.

Download rowo-0.3.tar.gz 2006-10-03

Download rowo-0.2.tar.gz 2006-04-20

Download rowo-0.1.tar.gz 2004-07-19

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Class Diagram


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