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The Minder

The minder is a small network application for automatic maintenance of peer lists. The application accepts connections from other network entities ("minions") and returns a list of other identitical minions.

When a minion contacts the minder, the minion supplies its type, network port and address, and its unique node identification.

The framework for building a minion is included in the C++ Sockets Library. The framework consists of classes representing connections between minion-minder and minion-minion, and also a controller class for them both.

The minder itself is also built with the C++ Sockets Library as its foundation.

Latest Version

Download minder-2.0.2.tar.gz updated 2006-10-03
minder-2.0.2.zip updated 2006-10-03

The Minder is available through the FreeBSD Ports Collection. Find it here.

Source code documentation (generated by Doxygen). Select "File List" from the doxygen index page to see a list of all files in the example. Then select "[code]" to read the source code of that file. Files beginning with lowercase are usually the main() starting point, and files beginning with uppercase usually contains a class of the same name as the file itself.

Older versions

Download minder-2.0.tar.gz updated 2006-04-21
minder-2.0.zip updated 2006-04-21

Download minder-1.2.tar.gz updated 2005-04-14

Download minder-1.1.tar.gz updated 2004-05-07 (minor bugfix)

2004-04-18 Download minder-1.0.tar.gz


Class Diagram
Class Diagram
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