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MySQL Designer

Online Database Design and C++ code generation

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MySQL Designer is a webbased database editor for the popular MySQL database server. On site is also a live demo of the application, making it possible to try it out without having to download and install. MySQL designer is developed and tested on Linux.


  • Design your database collaboratively over the web
  • Create & edit tables, columns, indexes
  • Comments can be attached to databases, tables, columns, keys
  • Manage access to your databases, so others can help with design
  • Work with multiple databases when registered
  • Group your databases as you like
  • Download generated sql and C++ source code to access your database anytime*
  • Generated C++ code use this library to access mysql
  • Tables can be associated with applications, to track progress of application development
  • Graphic presentation of table relations using graphviz - here's an example diagram
*) Database must be imported on a local server


A walkthrough of some of the features of dbdesigner can be found here.

Source Code

Code provided as-is. License is GPL.

Latest version

2006-04-20 v0.6.6 :: dbd-0.6.6.tar.gz

v0.6.6 changes: Update to work with latest mysqlwrapped version.

Older versions

2004-12-10 v0.6.5 :: dbd-0.6.5.tar.gz

v0.6.5 changes: All source code files are actually included in the .tarball. It's never too late to find out about your own mistakes.

2004-08-20 v0.6.4 :: dbd-0.6.4.tar.gz

v0.6.4 changes: Code update because of mysql wrapper name change. Include and header files have new name ("mysqlwrapped").

2004-08-17 v0.6.3 :: dbd-0.6.3.tar.gz

v0.6.3 changes: Updated code to work with latest versions of the MySQL C API C++ wrapper and sql2class.

2004-08-07 v0.6.2 :: dbd-0.6.2.tar.gz

v0.6.2 changes: Fixed bug that prevented designer from working until a database was selected.

2004-08-05 v0.6.1 :: dbd-0.6.1.tar.gz

v0.6.1 changes: Changes to indexes are now performed on the live database. Generally better error checking when making structural changes to the live database.

2004-06-30 v0.6 :: dbd-0.6.tar.gz

v0.6 changes: ENUM and SET types supported in view / edit live data. BINARY flag for char / varchar types. UNSIGNED and ZEROFILL flags for integer / real types. Improved NULL support.

2004-06-18 v0.5 :: dbd-0.5.tar.gz

v0.5 changes: Updated relations diagram (columns are now displayed in correct order), added personal setting "line cutoff length" when displaying long text fields, improved "db access" page.

2004-06-04 v0.4 :: dbd-0.4.tar.gz

v0.4 changes: Layout update with new navigation menu. Updated relations diagram, tables drawn with fields and field type.

2004-05-27 v0.3 :: dbd-0.3.tar.gz

v0.3 changes: Added the beginnings of a table structure diagram, showing links between tables. Lots of updates to html generation, aiming for at least HTML 4.01 standard.

2004-05-21 v0.2 :: dbd-0.2.tar.gz

v0.2 changes: Updated code to work with latest versions of MySQL C API C++ Wrapper and sql2class.

v0.1 :: dbd-0.1.tar.gz


graphviz for diagram support

Libraries / tools
Another MySQL C API C++ Wrapper


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