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DOS33 - an open source Applesoft BASIC interpreter

This is a collection of utilities that will extract apple ][ disk images and run pure Applesoft Basic programs. The tools lex and yacc/bison are used to generate the applesoft basic parser.

A big thanks to Vince Weaver for making his set of Apple utilities available as open source.


The source code of these tools are made available under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

FileRelease date
applesoft-0.2.tar.gz 2006-04-20
applesoft-0.2.zip 2006-04-20

Quick start

To get started, unpack a disk image with the 'catalog' utility. This will create a directory named as the image, without the .dsk extension, containing the files from the image. Change to this new directory and start the 'asexec' utility. Applesoft basic programs can now be loaded with the LOAD command, and started using the RUN command. Other disk images catalogs in the above directory can be listed with the DISKS command, and changed to with the CD command.

These are the commands available in the 'asexec' utility:

Welcome to asexec, the linux applesoft interpreter

Online help:
 LOAD <program>
 SAVE [<program>]
 RUN [<program>]
 LIST        - list loaded program
 EDIT [<line>]
 NEW         - delete program in memory
 TYPE <file> - read a file
 DUMP <file> - hex dump a file
 CATALOG     - lists files on current disk
 DISKS       - show available disks
 CD <disk>   - change disk
 INFO        - show current disk and loaded program


Source code Documentation

Source code documentation (generated by Doxygen). Select "File List" from the doxygen index page to see a list of all files in the example. Then select "[code]" to read the source code of that file. Files beginning with lowercase are usually the main() starting point, and files beginning with uppercase usually contains a class of the same name as the file itself.

Class diagram

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Class Diagram

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