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Wolfshade Mud with MySQL support

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Wolfshade is a nice Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) online multiplayer game written in C++ by the Comes brothers back in '97-'99. Their GPL licensed open source version released on their homepage reads all its data from text files, and that's what I set out to convert to full MySQL support. The result of my efforts is documented on this page.

I work in Linux. My version is only tested in Linux.

Somewhere along my hack the Win32 compability sort of got lost. At least untested. It shouldn't be impossible to port though, since the mysql C API is implemented on Win32 also.


Sorry, no test servers up.


Please note. The code released here can be considered alpha flux quality. It might work for you today but not tomorrow. Your world might work today, but not after an update to the latest code. Testing and development of new features are in progress.





Doxygen generated


Please read the INSTALL document included in the source distribution tarball.

The Editor

Web Based Editor
Common Gateway Interface implemented using C++


Wolfshade Mud Homepage
MySQL C API C++ Wrapper
The Mud Connector
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