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btpeer :: core bittorrent client functionality implemented in C++

- a C++ sockets library example

What is btpeer

This is a collection of classes implementing the core client functionality of the bittorrent protocol, in a network only environment. 'Network only' means that all interaction with the client core is done via network connections. Loading of metainfo files are done using a small program for file transfer into the client core ("inject"), status of the client is shown using a small internal web page server.

0.2.2: Update to sockets library v2.1

0.2.1: win32 visual studio 6 project files, source code updated to at least work on win32..

0.2: Improved choke algorithm. The web interface now shows a little more info.

0.1: What is not working? The choking algorithm (Session::Update) is crappy, inefficient, and overall making this client implementation very slow. The web interface (StatusSocket) can only be used for debug settings and stopping the client. "Debugging" as of now consists of a lot of printing to stdout / stderr.


Download btpeer-0.2.2.tar.gz 2009-05-14
Download btpeer-0.2.2.zip for win32 users.

Download btpeer-0.2.1.tar.gz 2005-09-11
Download btpeer-0.2.1.zip for win32 users.

Download btpeer-0.2.tar.gz 2005-08-25

Download btpeer-0.1.tar.gz 2005-06-28

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