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C++ Socket library tutorial

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Tutorial: Using the C++ Sockets library

Introduction | Installation | Configuration

Creating a socket that echoes input to screen
Using the DisplaySocket as a Client
Using the DisplaySocket as a Server
Other implementations of the DisplaySocket

Sending data

Creating a socket that returns SocketHandler status
Using the StatusSocket as a Server
Modify the StatusSocket server to use SSL
An SSL client that talks to the ssl statusserver

Building a custom SocketHandler
Using the custom SocketHandler in a server

Error logging
Standard input

UDPSocket example
UDP client / server example
Using HttpPutSocket
Using GetPort
Connection pool test program
How to enable Async DNS
Socks4 client functionality
Resuming a connection
Builtin connection retry and reconnect (v1.9)

New in 2.0: timer events
New in 2.0: threadsafe operation
New in 2.0: interface changes
SSL randomness
New in 2.1: interface changes
new page New in 2.3: Xml and a new OnDisconnect

Download tutorial source code examples here: Sockets-tutorial.tar.gz | Sockets-tutorial.zip

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