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Sqlite wrapped

: a C++ wrapper for the Sqlite database C API

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This is a C++ wrapper for the Sqlite database C application programming interface. The code works for linux/unix, as well as win32. This library supports version 3 of the sqlite database. From version 1.2 the connection pool can be made threadsafe.

This is free software, licensed under the GNU GPL.

How to create 'libsqlitewrapped.h'

Sometimes the libsqlitewrapped.h file does not get created, so here's how to manually create it.


copy IError.h+StderrLog.h+SysLog.h+Database.h+Query.h libsqlitewrapped.h


cat IError.h StderrLog.h SysLog.h Database.h Query.h > libsqlitewrapped.h


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