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Alternative license agreement

The MySQL and sqlite3 C++ wrappers, as well as the source code generated by the sql2class utility, are all licensed under the GNU general public license (GPL). As such, all software using it must also be released as open source under the same license. Read more about the GPL at www.gnu.org.

With the alternative license agreement presented on this page it will be possible to use this software in your closed-source application.

(text of the alternative license agreement)

Registering is free. When registered, you will get

  • A personalized link to purchase of the alternative license agreement. Payment can be made using paypal or check. When using paypal only a credit card is necessary, there is no need to register with paypal.

After purchase you will also get

  • A link to print your copy of the license agreement, for signing of both parties

Any questions? Please send an email to me (Grymse_AT_gmail_DOT_com) for more information.

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