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C++ Socket Library programming example

Example: a simple port proxy

There once was an outgoing firewall that blocked port 8888, so I couldn't patch my copy of Ultima Online. Running this proxy on a "free" host on the internet solved that issue.


proxy-1.3.tar.gz 2007-05-24 Update to sockets library v2.1.5

proxy-1.1.tar.gz bug fix 2004-08-04


Please note. This example was primarily developed on linux, and may require some tweaking to compile on other platforms.

Source code documentation (generated by Doxygen). Select "File List" from the doxygen index page to see a list of all files in the example. Then select "[code]" to read the source code of that file. Files beginning with lowercase are usually the main() starting point, and files beginning with uppercase usually contains a class of the same name as the file itself.

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Class Diagram

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