Pecan project management

Pecan project management, currently in beta test, is a management system for any kind of project.

Projects, items and components

A project contains of an item list. An item can be a development task, a bug report, or a place where to gather documentation. Items can be attributed to components, thereby giving the project some resemblance of structure. Any event regarding an item is recorded, giving a complete project development history accessible at any time.

Items can be given a type (bug, feature request, etc) and priority (high, medium, low). Items can also be assigned to certain users, giving the project leader a way to manage the project.

Users and Roles

Users can be assigned different roles for each project. Some examples of roles are Developer, QA (testing), Customer. Pecan specific roles also exists, giving access to maintainer functions such as translation and system administration.


Current translations are english, finnish and swedish.

Beta test

During the beta period, a limited number of projects will be created for anyone willing to try it out. Registration is free and always will be. Upon registration automatic membership to two projects will be given, the C++ sockets library and the pecan project itself. If you are a project manager and would like to try this out, just send an email to grymse AT gmail DOT com.





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