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C++ Sockets Library

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C++ Sockets Library testimonials

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This library was a godsend. I found myself in need of a robust socket implementation that would hopefully shave man-months off my schedule and the C++ Sockets Library was just the thing. It allowed me to rapidly implement the acceptor-connector architectural pattern in C++ and it turned out to be a bullet-proof implementation. In months of field testing with the resulting hardware, I never once saw socket connections go down; nor did we ever loose data because of an unreliable connection. When we forced disconnects by disconnecting Ethernet cables, the reconnect always cleanly happened as soon as the cable was reconnected. We used this for both the client and server sides of the code and my only regret is that I'm unable to post the acceptor-connector implementation for your use. I'm unable to do so as this was for a DOD project where we used the available alternative license rather than the GNU GPL. So download it and use it, it's a keeper.

Paul Daughetee, Associate Principal Software Engineer
ITT Advanced Science & Engineering
Albuquerque, NM USA

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